codebase 2.1

Next generation multipurpose UI framework.

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Unlimited Dashboards

Let your imagination build your idea with the help of Codebase.

Dashboard Classic

Classic Dashboard

A classic and well tested approach for a project which is going to handle much data and needs all the space it can get.

Dashboard Clean

Clean Dashboard

Clean and modern dashboard which enables you to create rich content and user driven experiences.

Dashboard Social

Social Dashboard

Building a social dashboard shouldn’t be hard. It should be easy, so you could spend more time building your app.

Dashboard Corporate

Corporate Dashboard

Corporate dashboard design that is modern, clean and provokes the credibility you want for your business.

Dashboard Minimal

Minimal Dashboard

Super minimal design for you that you value simplicity and would like to incorporate into in your projects.

Dashboard Pop

Pop Dashboard

Material inspired design which give depth to your block elements and changes the way interact with your dashboard.

Dashboard Dark

Dark Dashboard

A complete dark dashboard showcasing the power of utility CSS classes and how you can use them to create what you want.

Dashboard Medical

Medical Dashboard

A perfect starting point for your medical web application showcasing a doctor’s overview dashboard.

Page Packs

Just a glimpse of the ready made pages included to help you rocket start your project.

Page Pack Crypto


Cryptocurrency exchange pages for your blockchain project.

Page Pack e-Commerce


Products and sales management pages for your e-commerce dashboards.

Page Pack e-Learning


Start building your e-learning platform easily with the included pages.

Page Pack Forum


Perfect if you are building a community or support section in your app.

Page Pack Authentication


Tons of options to meet every possible need when designing your authentication sections.

Page Pack Error


Clean error pages to incorporate in case of a server or an app failure.

Powerful Layout

One super flexible and reusable layout.


Codebase’s layout is really unique, adaptive and flexible. It enables you to create all kinds of pages that look great and work seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices.


It is the core principle we followed to create a layout that can work for different purposes with the minimum cost. That means fast and responsive layouts with limitless possibilities.


It is based on various layout & UI components which work together harmoniously to help you create what you imagine. Lots of boilerplate pages to help you started are included.

Bootstrap 4

Based on the new version of the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework.


The newest Bootstrap version is a major rewrite of almost the entire project and comes packed with lots of changes and features that make it the coolest release till now.


Flexbox is now the default layout module used throughout the Bootstrap framework. Due to this feature, creating complex layouts and aligning elements is now easier than ever.


From Sass to Typography, from new UI Components to the revamped Grid, Bootstrap 4 features lots of new additions and improvements under the hood.

Smart Tools

Make your life easier and work more efficiently.


Codebase CSS framework was built with Sass following a completely modular approach. It is easy to understand, customize and extend to fulfill your needs or project’s requirements.

Live Tasks

Smart tasks will serve your project, auto refresh on file changes and live compile your Sass to CSS while you work (also auto adding any required browser prefixes).


Time-saving task that will build a custom, minimized and production ready Codebase framework for you. Create your own variation based on your project.

Developer Minded

We built Codebase based on your valuable feedback.


We get to know you better by continuously listening to your feedback. This way, we learn where to focus our efforts and build/improve quality products to better match your needs.


In the package, you will find the Codebase Docs which can become a valuable tool in getting familiar with the overall structure and helping you start your project faster.

Clean Code

Working with someone else’s code can become uncomfortable and make you unproductive. We strive to ensure that your experience with Codebase will be the exact opposite.

Handcrafted Design

It’s not only about quantity, it’s about quality first and foremost.


We are passionate with what we do and love crafting products that can make your life easier and help you succeed. We pay attention to small details and always aiming for the best.


We are committed to our work and stand by our projects. Our aim is to improve them in every update and offer the most full-featured packages with the smallest possible footprint.

Less is More

We believe that design should be invisible and enhance the user experience, not get in the way. This gives room for your content to breath and attracts your users’ attention to the right place.

Feature Rich

Extra care and thought were put into each and every one.


Using the latest technologies, following the best practices. W3C valid code.

Fully Responsive

User Interface auto adjusts and looks great to any screen size.

Retina Ready

User Interface looks crispy clear on high resolution screens.

Cross Browser Support

It plays nice with all modern browsers including IE (10 and up).

Fast & Lightweight

It is created to be as fast and lightweight as possible. You can use only what you need.

Custom JS APIs

Powerful JavaScript APIs are included. Layout or blocks manipulation is just a JS call away.

Get Started Version

Simple version with boilerplate pages to help you rocket start your project.

PHP Version

A PHP version is included to assist you with your custom PHP project.

HTML Version

The generic and abstract version which can be used with any framework or language.

RTL Support

Boilerplate RTL pages are also included in 'Get Started' version providing a good starting point.


Carefully picked and integrated to enhance and enrich your project with great functionality.

6 Inspiring Color Themes

Carefully chosen and integrated color themes to choose from for your website/dashboard.

800+ Font Based Icons

With so many unique icons included in Codebase, you don’t have to worry about running out.

Super-Fast UI

GPU powered sidebar animations and smart CSS styles will ensure a great experience.

Flexible Side Areas

Multiple available layouts and completely adjustable by using the powerful layout API.

Designed Pages

All kinds of pages, carefully designed, to get inspired and create your own.

Gulp Tasks

Time-saving tasks that will be a valuable tool to your workflow.

Easy Updating

Updating a template can be hard but if you follow the instructions you will be just a copy-paste away.

Free Updates

All updates are free for existing customers to download. Great new features at no extra cost.


By purchasing a license, you are eligible to email support. We are here to help!

Many Many More..

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